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About me...

"I try to capture the spirit and energy of nature's treasures, and share the experience with everyone. I hope to inspire people to visit these beautiful places and explore them for themselves"
My passion for photography is a direct result of my passion for adventure. As a child, while growing up in Boulder, Colorado, I spent all of my free time exploring the mountains in the area, and of course taking pictures of the beautiful scenery. As I grew older, my favorite things to do were hiking, backpacking, skiing, and mountain biking in the mountains of Colorado. When I was twenty, I moved to Steamboat Springs, where I lived for 8 years and continued my adventurous lifestyle playing in the mountains. In addition to exploring Colorado, I have also taken a few major trips to Alaska, Canada, Mexico, Europe, and all over the United States. While travelling to all of these beautiful and exotic places, I always had a camera in my hand to capture the spirit and energy of the area.
on a boat in Mexico

On the Mexico/Guatemala Border - 1998
In 1998, I moved to Denver to finish my fine arts and business degree from the University of Colorado. I now live in downtown Denver, and still spend all of my spare time travelling and exploring. You may find me skiing in the winter, hiking a fourteener in the summer, back packing the continental divide, mountain biking in Moab, and of course taking pictures the whole time. I now pursue photography as my career and life long passion. Everyday, I work hard to explore new places and share these beautiful areas with you.
hiking Mount Evans

Hiking Mount Evans - 2005
Although I have studied and taken many different genre of photography, my favorite pictures have always been nature and scenic landscapes. My inspiration comes from all of the work that Ansel Adams has done. I have spent countless hours in the darkroom trying to create spectacular photographs with this style in mind, high contrast with many layers of composition. When I was younger, I took pictures only for myself and my artwork. Eventually, when other people saw my work, they encouraged me to share my photographs with the public. The response has been overwhelmingly supportive by everyone that has seen my pictures. Now, I take only my best photographs from all of my adventures and make them available as fine art photography prints.
Picture of Christopher Walsh

Portrait - 2007
Mountain Biking in Moab

Mountain biking in Moab, Utah. - 1995
skiing at A-basin

Skiing at A-basin ski area - 2002

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